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anti_n00bs's Journal

Anti N00bs
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LykE Oh Em EfF gEe! U hav0rz cum aCRoSs da beStErESt coMmUInIty Evaz1!!!12! iT iZ dAAA r0xx0rz lik lololololololololololol roffle.

Okay... If you understood that and you use it in your everyday internet use... we do NOT want you here.

(If you don't understand that then here it is in n00bish: U r Da suXx0rz!!1!!1 U dun jOin diZ coM/\/\uNity k?!>!.!!112312)

This is a n00b free zone. If you don't know what a n00b is, here is the best site that we could find to explain here.

There are only 3 rules to join.

1. You CANNOT under any circumstances at all be a n00b (this doesn't mean you have to like goth music or anything or be depressed... hell you can be the biggest Britney Spears fan as long as you don't act like a complete idiot on teh int0rnetz)
2. There is no praise for n00bs.... We don't want to encourage them now do we?
3. Just be your(non-n00bish)self. I know it sounds lame but we apprectiate genuine people more than poseur wannabes.

That's about it! Feel free to join or look around.

P.S. We do make fun of you guys, so if you see some n00b-ness, it's probably us taking the piss out on you.

Be good to your Mods too... because we're fucking cool. overplaydkisses & nikolerocks